Carpet Cleaning

Clean Carpet – Healty Environment

Sparkle Cleaning Norwich Ltd is the finest and most reputable carpet cleaning businesses in Norwich for more than five years.

Our success isn’t coincidence. We’ve dedicated a lot of time and effort to win the trust and the respect of our valuable customers, delivering high services standards every time.

We have made ourselfs clear from the begging: no matter if you want to book us for a simple stain removal project or to clean a wall-to-wall carpet, we will make sure you’ll get our full, undivided attention. Expert opinion for your house flooring is there for your to query and find the required response.

Before cleaning!

After cleaning!

After cleaning!

Cleaning carpets process has some pitfalls to avoid:

  • Soacked cleaned areas.
  • Cleaning residues left after completion.
  • Wasting water.

All those factors are deterioarating the high hygine standards which Sparkel Cleaning Norwich provides for all its customers. If the process of drying is more than 60 minutes than the water will allow the germs and bacteria to grow. The hygiene standards are compromise and we’ll try to avoid the case.

Carpet Cleaning ?

Stain removal or wall-to-wall carpet cleaning. Do not hesitate!