GP and Medical Centres Clean

Cleaning Services for GP's and Medical Centres

Hight Standard Medical Hygiene

Everything related to medical sector requires high hygiene standards cleaning. We understand the importance of having an environment where measures of safety and effective infection control are in place.

Sparkle Cleaning Norwich Ltd. is having a record of passing every single CQC Inspection.

Part of our process is to design, build, agree and deliver a healthcare-cleaning plan for your. Covering all functional areas and key elements within the Practice. This  it is importand due prevention of Cross Contamination and Infection Control.

We’ll identify all the high-traffic and high-risk of Cross Contamination and Infection Control sections and elements, and will ensure clean, safe environment for patients, medical staff and visitors.

We are using friendly cleaning materials and we try to be as green as possible by recycling where is possible. Our staff is well trained and helpful, fully flexible which will gave you the freedom to concentrate on providing quality care for the patients in an environment which is sparkle cleaned.

High Standards of Medical Hygiene?