Office Cleaning

Office Rooms

Daily cleaning

•    Empty waste bins as required.
•    Dust / damp wipe furniture, window ledges, fire extinguishers and radiators to normal hand height as accessible including tops of pictures.
•    Dust telephones in rotation.
•    Damp wipe paintwork of doors, skirting and light switches as required.
•    Damp wipe finger marks / spillage from walls as necessary / possible.
•    Spot clean finger marks from doorways.
•    Vacuum clean all carpet areas including under desks / chairs.
•    Vacuum all soft furnishings in rotation.
•    Clean / polish of any brass / chrome.
•    Damp wipe of windowsills.

Quarterly / General

•    Hygienic treatment and valeting of computer screens, base units and telephone equipment.
•    Wash and wipe dry all skirting boards, Flick dust window sills and ledges above normal hand height.

Toilet - Bathrooms Areas

Daily Cleaning

•    Damp wipe all hard surfaces where possible.
•    Sanitize urinals / basins.
•    Replenish toilet rolls, hand soap, and hand towels when necessary.
•    Damp wipe partition in rotation.

•    Damp wipe tiles in rotation.
•    Sweep / mop floor.
•    Empty waste bins and remove to disposal point.

Quarterly / General

•    Deep clean of all hard surface areas, to include: tiles and partitions.
•    Acid clean of sanitary ware.

Kitchen Areas

Weekly Cleaning

•    Wipe Outside Cupboards
•    Clean Inside Microwave
•    Clean Out Fridge
•    Wipe Outside of Microwave
•    Clean Sink
•    Wash Up

In search of office cleaning services?

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Our office carpet cleaning services can help extend the life of your carpets, in turn reducing the replacement costs. Most carpet manufacturers recommend carpet cleaning to be carried out every six to twelve months. This may be required more often in a very busy areas.

This is most noticeable in an office’s traffic lines where people are walking back and forth all day. Here the dirt builds up most, gets grounded in and the carpets pile get flattened. It is also worth noting that our office carpet cleaning technicians will take these traffic lines into account when developing your custom carpet cleaning programme.


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