Commercial Buildings Clean

Commercial Building

Our company covers a complete set of commercial building services. Commercial building clean implies for every session a dedicate checklist which ensures a clean, healthy of environment for your employees.


Company entrance is the first point of interest and will need to impress with the commercial value. We have a dedicated cleaning checklist as follows:

•    Deep carpet cleans.
•    Buffing all hard floor surfaces.
•    Polishing doors and door frames.
•    Cleaning of light fixtures.
•    Cleaning entrance facades.


•    Entrance
•    Hallway
•    Toilets
•    Lifts
•    Stairs


•    Dusting and polishing all common areas skirting boards.
•    Window frames and window sills.
•    Doors and door frames.
•    Light fixtures and light switches.
•    Mopping and polishing (buffing) hard floors.
•    Vacuuming carpeted areas.
•    Changing bulbs as required.


It is a well known fact that toilets in an office area require a very high level of maintenance due to heavy usage which is why we ensure that  the toilets are spotless after every clean. Therefore we provide a professional service for toilet cleaning as follows:

•    Toilet paper replacements.
•    Hand towel Replacements.
•    Toilet Seat Sanitizing.
•    Hand Dryer cleaning.
•    Disinfecting Floors.
•    Air Fresheners.
•    Skirting boards, windows, window frames, window sills, doors, light fixtures, light switches.


Lifts in any building, and particularly the lift floor selector, contains 40 times more dirt and germs than a public toilet seat. This is why it is important to get the lifts in the building cleaned on a regular basis, hence the cleaning services that we provide for the lift area are as follows:

•    Cleaning and polishing lifts and stainless steel lift doors.
•    Vacuuming carpeted areas.
•    Cleaning mirrors.
•    Disinfecting lift buttons.
•    Cleaning Handrails.
•    Cleaning light fixtures.


The cleaning service we provide for the stairs are:
•    Carpet cleaning
•    Cleaning all skirting boards
•    Window Frame and Window Sill Cleaning
•    Light Fixtures and Switches
•    Changing Light Bulbs
•    Door Frame Polishing


•    Damp wipe all hard surfaces where possible.
•    Sanitize urinals / basins.
•    Replenish toilet rolls, hand soap, and hand towels when necessary.
•    Damp wipe partition in rotation.
•    Damp wipe tiles in rotation.
•    Sweep / mop floor.
•    Empty waste bins and remove to disposal point.
•    Deep clean of all hard surface areas, to include: tiles and partitions.
•    Acid clean of sanitary ware.

Do you need commercial cleaning?

Entrance, communal area cleaning, hallway, lifts, stairs and much more


Our office carpet cleaning services can help extend the life of your carpets, in turn reducing the replacement costs. Most carpet manufacturers recommend carpet cleaning to be carried out every six to twelve months. This may be required more often in very busy areas.

This is most noticeable in an office’s traffic lines where people are walking back and forth all day. Here the dirt builds up most, gets grounded in and the carpets pile get flattened. It is also worth noting that our office carpet cleaning technicians will take these traffic lines into account when developing your custom carpet cleaning programme.