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Cleaning Service Money Can Buy- at prices that are hard to beat.

Cleaning Rates:

Commercial cleaning: £11-12/hour + VAT, minimum 2 hour per cleaning session.

Domestic Cleaning: £10 pounds/hour + VAT, minimum 4 hours per cleaning session/weekly or 4 hours/fortnightly(the client chemicals, hoover, etc);

End of tenancy cleaning: TBD (our chemicals and equipment, etc);

Oven cleaning: single or double : £30-50, minimum 1 hour (only as part of end of tenancy );

Professional carpet cleaning: £20-30/room ( if more that 3 rooms, we do offer discount).

Pressure washer services: £2/sq-m2.

Basic Gardening (incl. lawn mowing/ grass cutting, weeding, hedge and bush trimming, spring & autumn tidy ups)

– including all required tools, equipment and materials – £15 per hour;

Professional Garden Maintenance ( incl. patio, path and deck cleaning; tree trimming; cutting of large bushes or big garden clearances)

– including all required tools, equipment and materials – £18 per hour;

We offer one month trial and no contract is required.

During this month, we will be in contact with you on a weekly basis to obtain feedback from you which will be incorporated into the final

cleaning schedule produced at the end of the month.

If no working relationship can be formed, for whatever reason, we will depart amicably.

Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us